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What "They" Did Not Tell YOU: 

Your Potential Exceeds Your Position!

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Meet The Master Mind of YPEP: Percival

Entrepreneur, author, playwright, preacher,

and career development specialist. 

Percival is a Career Development Specialist that has over 11 years of Operational Leadership Experience in Corporate America with fortune 50 companies, 17 years of Ministry Leadership, Adept Communicator and Passionate People Leader!

As a Development Specialist, Percival offers services centered around:

  •  Resume Writing

  • Interviewing Skills and Preparation

  • Professional Branding

  • Professional Legacy Building  

During his career as an African-American, millennial leader, he has had to overcome many obstacles in the work place and learn how to brand himself beyond labels, expectations, and failures. Through his real life experience in Corporate America as a people leader and motivational spirit, he has developed life changing skills that will challenge you for the better and help you discover your true potential as you grow your professional career. 

If you are seeking to overcome your fears of interviewing, receive professional assistance at an affordable rate to spruce up your resume and start building your professional legacy, YPEP is the perfect place to start! 

From My Blog

You matter and so does your gift and potential! We often  separate our gifting from our professional presence and work but I believe that is totally needed to unlock your true potential. The ability to be effective in your role and successful requires your 100% impeccability for the portion you control. Being impeccable is best done when you are invested. Being invested requires you understanding your role and your passion.  Once you understand the two, you are able to connect the dots on how the two are connected. Understanding how they are connected will position you to be absolutely effective, successful and will also make you standout amongst the crowd! 

To further discuss this technique, setup your personal session below and lets chat about YOU and your success!