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Meet Percival

Entrepreneur, author, play-wright, preacher and motivational speaker

YPEP which stands for Your Potential Exceeds Your Position was started by Percival due to his passion to help other succeed based on their potential, regardless of education and experience. Percival is an advocate for personal growth who specializes in resume writing, interviewing skills and preparation, as well as goal setting and promotion within the workplace. 

Percival brings 11 years of Operational Leadership to the table from top brands within the U.S.A. He has worked for Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies as a leader, trainer, and interviewer. Percival has a unique way of helping you discover the greatness inside of you! His leadership methodology is the company name in itself, "Your potential exceeds your position!" He truly believes that gifting, destiny, niches and passion all play apart in your success as it relates to your professional career. 

Percival is an adept communicator and self-development connoisseur and with his own story, he motivates, encourages, pushes and serves as a catalyst to so many! He has promoted many associates from his team, discovered talent and helped them to reach long-term and short-term goals! 

As a visionary, he has over 15 years of ministry leadership experience and had to overcome many obstacles as a millennial, African-American man, and beat many odds that have been spoken against him. One phrase that he often says is "You will see me when I am coming and remember me when I am gone!". He strives to make a lasting impact on others when they interact with him and he would love to empower you to do the same. So, DON"T WAIT! Sign up now and begin your building your legacy, with Mastermind Percival, your individual professional development specialist! 

They did not tell you that your potential exceeded your position...

Percival Ambeau III

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